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Non-Bank Mortgage Lenders

With lots of talk about Bank lending getting harder, I thought a bit on Non Bank Mortgage Lenders was appropriate to the conversation.…
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As the saying goes…”Never judge a book by its cover”!

With plenty of talk around Bank lending getting harder, there's not much about the options. Over the years Banks here have done a…
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Considering buying off plan?

For many home buyers, and even those looking to buy an investment property, buying off the plan can be an attractive proposition.
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3 ways you can get 80% to buy an investment property!

Thought you would need 40% deposit? We have three 80% loan to value mortgages to make investing how it should be... easy.
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investing in commercial property

5 Alternative Investment Properties

Property investment is a popular way of building wealth in New Zealand, with many citizens building a portfolio of residential properties after buying…
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property manager Auckland

Do You Need a Property Manager?

Being the landlord and property manager for your investment property can be demanding. Tenants have varying needs from requests and queries to maintenance…
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mistakes to avoid when investing in property

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Property

Investing in property is an exciting way to build wealth, but not every investor is successful in their endeavour. While property investment is…
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avoid investment property disasters

How to Avoid Investment Property Disasters

Every year hundreds of Kiwis turn to property investment as a way of building wealth and achieving financial freedom. While property investment can…
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